We combine standard surface preparation and coating application equipment with Agmec's  specialist equipment developed for surface preparation and coating application.

Agmec  Equipment

Hoggajet air driven vacuum recovery unit developed to clean and remove spent blasting abrasive, incorporating an air wash abrasive cleaner and separator. This unit has vacuum blasting add-on capability. We manufacture Hoggajets under license.

Blast Lights -12V to enable blasters to see what they are doing at night and in confined spaces.

Pipe blasting and spray equipment for pipe internals 100mm-2000mm bore combined with constant speed winch upto 150 meters in length.

Corrosert tube protectors


Air compressors, After Coolers, Blast Pots, Vacuum, dehumidifiers and airless spray pumps.
Engineering, Equipment with Lathes, Horizontal bore, Dynamic balancing and flange facer

Corrocoat Indonesia has to have the most complete range of coating equipment in Indonesia


Coating Application

Corrosion Engineering

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