A range of tailor-made, high performance polymeric solutions for critical service applications.

These products facilitate long term solutions for critical applications such as prevention of biofouling, resistance to cathodic disbonding, crack bridging, graphite flake filled composites for high conductivity and chemical resistance, resistance to high concentrations of sulphuric acid and repair compounds. Read more...



High performance engineering glass flake filled composites using resin technology tailormade for the process environment.

Typical applications: refurbishment and protection of heavy duty capital equipment including pumps, valves, water boxes, heat exchanger tube faces, spool pieces, filters, strainers and auxiliary equipment. Read more...




Friction-reducing, energy-efficient protective coating systems.

Increased concern relating to the more effective use of energy resources has resulted in the introduction of new technology in coating materials. This is aimed at maximising the performance of pumping systems used in areas including power generation cooling water systems, the process industries and water and waste treatment. Read more...



HeatBlocka has been developed to provide a cost-effective combination of thermal insulation and corrosion protection. The product is a durable coating intended for both new and old equipment.

Applications include use on items such as transfer lines, requiring insulation for process reasons, or for personnel protection to safeguard against accidental burns. Other applications include tankage insulation to prevent heat build up and evaporation losses or simply loss of energy. The product may also be used as an under-insulation corrosion barrier whilst adding to the insulating properties. Read more...



High performance, abrasion-resistant protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers

The often-specified Plasmet range of protective coatings from Corrocoat brings together a
selection of durable materials formulated to provide high performance solutions
developed to meet the demands of differing operational environments.

The range includes specially engineered abrasion-resistant options, available in differing
grades, designed to meet abrasive operational challenges found in industry worldwide. Read more...



The Polyglass range of materials was originally developed to create a spray-applied protective coating which offered all the performance advantages of a flake glass filled system, together with improved ease and speed of application.

Over the years, the Polyglass range has expanded to include different formulations developed to meet specific application requirements.

Today, these products are used throughout the industrial world, to protect components as diverse as offshore process vessels, pipelines, structural steel and even hospital hot water tanks. Read more...