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About Corrocoat Indonesia

Corrocoat Indonesia has been in business for more than 25 years applying Corrocoat’s range of high technology coatings to a wide range of Industries, via a head office / workshop in Bekasi and sub branches throughout Indonesia.

Corrocoat coatings are mainly barrier coatings using glassflakes to enhance the properties of resins such as Polyester, Vinyl Ester and Epoxy. These coatings give long life and excellent whole life cycle costings. They also provide good abrasion resistance however where severe abrasion / erosion prevention is required higher abrasion resistant materials, such as calcined alumina or silicon carbide are used to supplement the glass flakes.


The Corrocoat coatings are applied with trained Indonesian multi-disciplined personnel using a full complement of surface preparation, coating application, inspection and engineering equipment. Corrocoat Indonesia work throughout Indonesia from our Bekasi and Balikpapan workshops with branch support in Surabaya, and Riau province. 

Corrocoat Indonesia have an impressive track record in most Industries suffering corrosion due to our Corporate Mission to provide a quality service in a safe and environmentally friendly way, offering long service life.

Providing this high quality service with honesty and integrity has resulted in an Indonesian work force second to none. Ask for references and judge our employees when you meet them.

News and Events

July-August 2018
Singapore - FPSO Dry Docking  
Various size of internal pipe coating works on the sea water supply and return lines, with the use of our Agmec Pipe Blasters and Pipe Sprayers on site.

September 2018
East Java - Coal Fired Power Station
Internal coating of waterbox condensors, vertical lift circulating water pumps, and underground large diameter sea water cooling pipes. 

December 2018
North Sumatera - Gas Fired Power Station
Abrasive Blast Cleaning to Steam Turbine Diaphrams, LP, HP, Stators.  

January 2019
Central Java - Coal Fired Power Station
Success on last years titanium tubesheet coating works in east java leads us to complete a similar job in central java. 

Feburary 2019
Pump Efficiency Works
Repeat order coating of  impeller and casing for a vertical mix flow pump at our Bekasi workshop.

March 2019
Sugar Mill Pump Repair & Coating Works
Pump repair and refurbishment to several spray pond pumps and injection pumps to combat corrosion and cavitation.   

Job Opportunities

March 2019
Sales & Marketing Officer
We are looking for a Salesman to work from our Bekasi office... Please contact us for details